Distinguish yourself with Aptitude Test

What is an aptitude test?

An aptitude test is a psychological test and one of the group of tests known as performance tests. Their purpose is to measure the cognitive aspects of personality, intellect, abilities, aptitude, knowledge and skills. This group of tests includes, besides aptitude testing, tests of intelligence and knowledge (“didactic tests”).

Standardization and validation play an important role in aptitude testing since they determine the base (standard) against which the test makes its evaluations.

Who can take an aptitude test?

Our aptitude test can be taken by anyone who wants information on their aptitudes, on their behavior in everyday situations, when under pressure and when dealing with change, what their potential for development is, what roles they play in everyday life and how these roles change under stress. The aptitude test “My secret potential” can also tell you what atmosphere of relationships you create around yourself, whether it is a “Highway to Hell” or a “Stairway to Heaven” or one of eight other possible scenarios. Our aptitude test also provides information on the subject's long-term motivation (ideals) and what causes them stress (stressors) as well as many other types of information. The advantage of this aptitude test is that it can be taken by children as young as four. There is no upper age limit. The aptitude test “My secret potential” can also be taken by the color-blind. Although they cannot distinguish red and green colors and see both as gray, they can see differences between them in the level of grayness and therefore they are able to distinguish the colors sufficiently to successfully complete the aptitude test. In the case of small children who are not yet able to read and write, a parent can help them complete the aptitude test. They can read the child the word and also click the colors that the child selects in the test.

Why should I take an aptitude test?

The aptitude test “My secret potential” will give you information about yourself and your personality without distortion by anyone or anything. It is anonymous, fast, easily accessible and truthful. Our aptitude test will help you to uncover your secret potential, the potential you have in you and maybe you don't even know about or have just a slight inkling of. The aptitude test “My secret potential” will provide you with information that faithfully reflects your personality. If you want to achieve your objectives,you need to know your strengths. The aptitude test identifies them and also provides a great deal of other information that can help you move your behavior in the desired direction.

When is the best time to take an aptitude test?

The right answer to this question is: take the aptitude test when you will feel best. Everything is in your hands. Some people are freshest in the morning and give their best performance before lunch (between 09:00 and 11:00), which confirms the general rule about the best time for psychological testing, which we also consider our test to be a type of. On the other hand, there is a large group of people who are slow to get started in the morning and prefer to be active in the afternoon or evening. For such people, we would recommend a time between 15:00 and 17:00. If you decide the best time for you to take our aptitude test “My secret potential” is the evening or even at night, that is fine too, but perhaps not the best choice. In general, you should avoid the time between 17:00 and 19:00, when most people feel their mental activity is at its lowest. Luckily, our aptitude test is available 24-hours a day which means you can choose the best time according to your feelings and personal schedule. The aptitude test “My secret potential” is designed not to put you under time pressure, so how long it takes you will not affect the evaluation. Take advantage of its colorfulness and simplicity and choose the best time for you.

Where can I take the aptitude test?

The website “My secret potential” is available on-line, which means 24 hours a day, which means that everyone can take the aptitude test. It is entirely up to you where to take the test. If you have a quiet place at home where nothing will disturb you, take it at home. If you are able to make space at work, then at work. In any case, allow twenty to thirty minutes to complete the aptitude test in which you can fully concentrate on the test and nothing and nobody will disturb you. This applies to people (switch off your mobile), animals (take them for a walk or feed them before you begin) and machines (switch off email and social networks on your PC) A quiet environment is an important condition for successful testing. Every aptitude test has a clearly defined procedure that must be followed in order to produce a result that can be evaluated. If these steps are not followed, the aptitude test cannot be properly assessed. We therefore remind you to pay attention to the instructions given during the test and to follow them so that the test can be properly evaluated.

How should I prepare for an aptitude test?

There is no need to prepare in advance for our aptitude test “My secret potential”. If you tried, you would soon find that it is useless to prepare for our aptitude test (despite its transparency, easy comprehensibility and superficial simplicity). It contains only colors and verbal phrases, and your task is always to choose the three colors that are most suited to the displayed word or phrase. This does not require any special preparation. If you nevertheless want some advice from us, we would say: “During testing, create an oasis of calm and concentration for yourself and above all be yourself without trying to play at anything.” Our aptitude test is not made to “catch you out” but to enable you to learn more about yourself. It will enable you to work on yourself, advance in your career and above all grow as a person.

Which aptitude test is best for me?

What would you like the test to tell you about yourself? Would you like to know the answer to the following question, for example: “How able am I to cope with stress or change in general?” Or do you want to know the answer to the question: “What is my potential for development?” Our aptitude test “My secret potential” can give you answers to these questions and many others. We will tell you about your hidden potential, which our test is specially designed to identify and describe. Precisely for this reason our test is the right one to provide you with information you can use to improve personal growth and start building a better future.